These floral watercolours incorporate a negative painting technique that creates a more contemporary feel. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Periwinkles, 6″h x 6″w, $250
Fresh Tulips, 9h 9w, $375
Lagoon Wave, 9″h x 17″w [framed 18″h x 26″w] $350
Burning Bush, 10″h x 10″w
Magnolias, 11″h x 11″w
Sea Trumpets #2, 9″h x 9″w [framed 18″h x 18″w] $300
Sea Trumpets, 9″h x 17″w
Sea Tulips #2, 5½”h x 11½”w [framed 12″h x 18″w] $250
Sea Tulips, 5½”h x 11½”w
Five Tulips, 9″h x 17″w
Tower of Tulips, 26½”h x 6½”w
Magnolia Cluster, 17″h x 9″w

Traditional framed paintings are behind glass and include an off-white mat.
Float frames are for varnished watercolours and are approximately 1″ wide.
All framing uses archival materials.
Indicates painting is sold.

© Vic Dohar