Chickadee-Dee, 7″h x 19″w

The inspiration for these paintings of birds comes from my frequent walks and hikes in the Greenbelt around the Ottawa area. These spaces are home to large populations of birds so I always bring my camera along to take photographs and bird seed to feed the birds. One of my favourite birds are Chickadees. They take black-oil sunflower seeds directly from your hand, sometimes two at-a-time, and then fly off to a nearby branch to feed. The intertwined branches they sit on are what captured my attention, creating the prefect simple background for these friendly birds.

Charming Trio, 10″h 14″w [framed 16″x20″]
Waiting for Sunflower Seeds, 11″h x 14″w [varnished, float frame 13″h x 16″w] $400
Jack Pine Trail Chickadees #3, 9″h x 13″w [framed 16″h x 20″w]
Gray Jay in the Pines, 6½”h x 14½”w
Look at All of Them #2, 9″h x 25″w
A Trio of Chickadees, 11″h x 14″w (varnished)
Jack Pine Trail Chickadees #2, 9″h x 13″w
Jack Pine Trail Chickadees #1, 6½”h x 14½”w
Look at All of Them, 9″h x 25″w
Look at Them All, 6½”h x 26½”w
Chickadee-Dee-Dee, 7″h x 19″w
Chickadees, 19″h x 7″w
The Waiting Game, 7″h x 13″w
Chickadee-Dee #2, 6½”h x 14½”w
Chickadees at Jack Pine Trail #2, 9″h x 13″w
  Chickadees In Branches #2, 8½”h x 8½”w
Chickadees at Jack Pine Trail, 7″h x 13″w

Traditional framed paintings are behind glass and include an off-white mat.
Float frames are for varnished watercolours and are approximately 1″ wide.
All framing uses archival materials.
Indicates painting is sold.

© Vic Dohar