Chickadee-Dee, 7h 19w

This series of watercolours was inspired from winter hikes along the Jack Pine Trail in Nepean, where chickadees would greet you, hoping that you have a treat for them in your hand. Their favourite is black-oil sunflower seeds which they take directly from your palm, sometimes two at-a-time, and fly off to a nearby branch to extract the seed. The backdrop though is what captured my attention. The intertwined branches, void of all vegetation, created an abstract appeal and the perfect stage for these friendly birds.

Look at All of Them #2, 9h 25w

Gray Jay in the Pines, 6½h 14½w [framed 12×20]

Jack Pine Trail Chickadees #3, 9h 13w, $450

Jack Pine Trail Chickadees #2, 9h 13w

Jack Pine Trail Chickadees #1, 6½h 14½w [framed 12×20]

Look at All of Them, 9h 25w

Look at Them All, 6½h 26½w

Chickadee-Dee-Dee, 7h 19w

Chickadees, 19h 7w

The Waiting Game, 7h 13w

Chickadee-Dee #2, 6½h 14½w

Chickadees at Jack Pine Trail #2, 9h 13w

The following two paintings are available at Gilligallou Bird Inc.

Chickadees In Branches #2, 8½h 8½w, $400

Chickadees at Jack Pine Trail, 7h 13w, $425

Dimensions represent size of original.
Price includes professional archival framing  
and certificate of authenticity.

© Vic Dohar