Barns have always been intriguing for me. No two are alike, and each has its own character and history. Eastern Ontario has many traditional post and beam barns with weathered wood plank siding, but slowly they are falling down and disappearing. I love to photograph these old buildings whenever and wherever I can and make them into paintings to help, in a small way at least, preserve their legacy.

Early Spring on the Farm, 10″h x 18″w [framed 20″h x 26″w] $500
Still Standing Strong, 10″h x 16″w [framed 20″h x 26″w] $500
Sheep’s Landing, 12″h x 24″w
Amber Dawn, 9½”h x 25½”w
Calle Duarte, Santo Domingo, 12½”h x 24½”w
Waiting for Spring, 6″h x 20″w
Not Yet Fallen, 12″h x 18″w
End of Harvest Season, 10″h x 22″w
Prairie Isolation, 11″h x 25″w
Under the Big Blue Sky, 25″h x 7″w
Tweed Barn, 10″h x 16″w
Cow and Barn, 18″h x 24″w
Rustic Shanty, 12″h x 20″w
Revealing Watson’s Mill, 9″h x 9″w

Traditional framed paintings are behind glass and include an off-white mat.
Float frames are for varnished watercolours and are approximately 1″ wide.
All framing uses archival materials.
Indicates painting is sold.

© Vic Dohar