Barns have always been intriguing for me. No two are alike, and each have their own character and story. Eastern Ontario has many traditional post and beam barns with weathered wood plank siding, but slowly they are falling down.

Sheep’s Landing, 12h 24w [framed 20×32], $600

Calle Duarte, Santo Domingo, 12½h 24½w [framed 20×32], $600

Still Standing Strong, 10h 16w [framed 20×26], $450

Waiting for Spring, 6h 20w [framed 12×26]

Not Yet Fallen, 12h 18w

End of Harvest Season, 10h 22w

Sugar Shack at Mill Pond, 12h 18w [framed 20×26], $500

Prairie Isolation, 11h 25w

Under the Big Blue Sky, 25h 7w

Tweed Barn #2, 10h 16w [framed 20×26], $450

Tweed Barn, 10h 16w

Cow and Barn, 18h 24w

Seen Better Days, 15h 21w

Autumn Barn, 12h 20w (available)

Closed for Winter, 12h 20w (available)

Tatamagouche Barn, 10h 18w, $425

Last Stand, 12h 20w (available)

Rustic Shanty, 12h 20w

Revealing Watson’s Mill, 9h 9w

Point Prim Farm House, 8h 26w

White Bridge at Andrewsville, 12h 20w

Dimensions represent size of original.
Price includes professional archival framing
and certificate of authenticity.

© Vic Dohar