In the wonder and complexity Mother Nature has to offer, I try to focus on the simple things to capture my feelings at that moment.

Beyond L’Anse-aux-Meadows, 9h 25w [framed 16×32], $550
Cattail Reflections, 11½h 17½w [framed 20×26]
Restful Reflections, 14h 10w [framed 20×16]
After the Snowfall, 9h 13w [framed 16×20], $400
Uprooted Tree, 10h 10w [framed 20×20], $350
Uprooted Tree #2, 10h 18w [framed 20×26], $450
Daybreak Paddle, 7h 19w [framed 14×26], $425
Waves on a Beach, 9½h 14¼w [framed 16×20], $400
Winter’s Last Light #2, 6½h 20½w [framed 12×26]
Last Light, 15h 26w [encapsulated watercolour, framed 15×26]
Across the Avalon, 7h 25w
La Grande Chute, Rivière Dumoine, 8½h 22¼w
Along the Baron, 12h 24w (available)
Misty Inlet, 7½h 13½w
Misty Inlet #2, 7½h 13½w
Tranquility #2, 11h 25w
Tranquility, 11h 25w (available)
Morning Paddle, 11h 25w
Sunrise Paddle, 9h 9w
Respite, 10h 16w (available)
Another Portage, 20h 12w
Three Sisters, 12h 20w (available)
Walk Under the Willows, 8h 14w
Sunday Service (Upper Canada Village), 18h 24w
Snowfall on St Stephens, 20h 11w