I love to be in nature and the outdoors so it’s no wonder that landscapes are one of my favourite topics to paint. Natural settings can be very wondrous but at the same time very complex, so I try to take it all in and then focus on the simple things that capture my feelings at that moment.

Winter Calm Along the Tay, 9″h x 27″w [framed 14″h x 32″w] $600
Spring Melt in the Woods, 10″h x 20″w [framed 16″h x 26″w] $550
One Gust and They’re Gone, 12″h x 18″w [framed 20″h x 26″w] $650
Sunrise Breeze Across the French River, 9″h x 25″w
This is the Spot!, 6½”h x 11½”w [framed 12″h x 16″w] $375
I Could Walk for Miles, 14¼”h x 20¼”w [framed 20″h x 26″w] $650
Bent But Not Broken, 11″h x 14″w [varnished, float frame 13″h x 14″w] $400
Sunset in the Winter Woods (#1), 12″h x 24″w [varnished, float frame 14″h x 26″w] $600
Sunset in the Winter Woods (#2), 9¾”h x 16¾”w [framed 16″h x 26″w] $550
Paradise with the Paddle, 12″h x 24″w [framed 20″h x 32″w] $625
Leaving the World Behind, 10″h x 14″w [framed 16″h x 20″w] $450
Winter Reflections in a Marsh, 20½”h x 6½”w
Uprooted Tree, 10″h x 10″w [framed 20″h x 20″w], $350
Land and Sky and Sea, 7½”h x 27½”w
Reflections on a Late Afternoon, 11″h x 14″w (varnished)
Forest Cathedral, 24″h x 12″w (varnished)
Amber Dawn, 9½”h x 25½”w
After the Snowfall, 9″h x 13″w
Waves on a Beach, 9½”h x 14¼”w [framed 16″h x 20″w] $450
Cattail Reflections, 11½”h x 17½”w
Last Light, 15″h x 26″w (varnished)
Across the Avalon, 7″h x 25″w
La Grande Chute, Rivière Dumoine, 8½”h x 22¼”w
Misty Inlet, 7½”h x 13½”w
Tranquility #2, 11″h x 25″w
Morning Paddle, 11″h x 25″w

Traditional framed paintings are behind glass and include an off-white mat.
Float frames are for varnished watercolours and are approximately 1″ wide.
All framing uses archival materials.
Indicates painting is sold.

© Vic Dohar